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The Best Hemp and CBD Products for Your Skin

Welcome to the Official CBD Skin Care Store of Skin Pro International, Inc.  We’re a boutique skin care company based in Miami, Florida, entering our 11th year in business.

This website is exclusively for our skin treatments with hemp oil and CBD.  On this page you’ll find the same great quality skin products, only featuring the magical healing powers of cannabis and  hemp oil.

What is CBD?

CBD is a natural plant compound with documented studies showing assistance in reducing inflammation as well as supporting the skin’s natural healing process.

Also known as cannabidiol, this is most commonly called “CBD” and it’s one of hundreds of cannabis plant chemicals that you will find in hemp plants.  Not to be confused with THC, the chemical that produces the psychoactive effects of marijuana, CBD is entirely non-psychoactive and will not provide any high.  It’s also entirely legal to buy in it’s isolated form.

How Does CBD Promote Healthier Skin?

There are many properties that have been studied when it comes to CBD.  When topically applied to the skin, it’s been showing to help reduce inflammation and can even lessen the pain involved with headaches.  Also featuring a plethora of antioxidant effects, you can counteract many signs of aging caused by free radicals by applying CBD products topically.

As with all SkinPro products and specialized anti aging treatments, our new line of hemp and CBD products are made in the USA at the highest quality skin care laboratories.  

If CBD skin treatments are not your cup of tea, we welcome you to check out our main store, featuring products made from cosmeceutical peptides, as well as our new vegan & organic products, over at  You can also find those same great products for sale at our official store.

Feel free to reach us at 1-800-575-2065 with any questions or queries.

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